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What we put on our body matters. 

Personal hygiene practices are important as the first step against the spread of germs and other illnesses, yet care for our bodies is equally important. Personal hygiene in the workplace is vital to ensure the health and safety of staff, clients and the general public. 

Requirements will vary depending on environments and industry. CleanLab has addressed this by offering an array of foaming, free flowing, fragrance-free and heavy duty hand washes. 

Knowing the importance of safety, CleanLab sanitisers are rigorously tested and proven. With sprays, gels and foams,there are variants to fit all needs, including sanitisers with ongoing protection and alcohol free options to care for sensitive skin or continual application.

CleanLab understands this and so it has formulated it’s personal care products to be natural, nourishing and protecting, while being kind to the environment.


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