What Is Sustainability?

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Often the word sustainability is used without any specification as to how, why or what makes something sustainable. When defining Sustainability, the Living Green Group identified three pillars to develop our Sustainable 'CleanLab' offering. Social, Economic, and Environmental.

 Diagram depicting the three pillars of sustainability: social sustainability, economic sustainability, environmental sustainability.


Social Impact is a crucial element of our practice. A lot of consideration goes into understanding the effects our ingredients have on users and those exposed to our product. Our formulas are created to be as safe as possible. Eliminating and reducing the most harmful ingredients ensures less risk of irritation, injury or harmful reaction. 

By building strong relationships with our customers and community we can ensure the best possible products are supplied to match their needs, conduct and ideals. 

Manufacturing in New Zealand, and sourcing from local suppliers wherever possible, supports local business and employment, while our support of Social causes supports the local community. 

There are two major focuses we pursue in order to maintain Economic Sustainability. 

Local sourcing and manufacturing contribute to, keep and create local business and employment.

Affordability, efficacy and value support our customers. By removing fillers and non-active ingredients our products are more concentrated, containing a higher ratio of active ingredients. This means less for more, allowing more companies to access cleaner, greener products that work, without reducing profit.


From the outset, Environmental Sustainability has been paramount to the CleanLab approach. 

Manufacturing using green operating practices has assisted us in achieving long term, low impact on the Environment. Natural plant surfactants, and plant based materials are predominantly used as opposed to the industry standard, which is heavily reliant on synthetic ingredients. While other manufacturers struggle to pivot, typically offering a handful of greener alternatives that tap into the growing market, CleanLab is produced in a purpose built, eco-driven factory.

Maintaining an ECO-Warranty approved factory means ongoing commitment to an Environmental Management System that is implemented and independently assessed to ensure high standards of eco-management are recognised and met. The ISO9001 and Good Manufacturing Process certifications of the CleanLab factory demonstrate commitment to quality and consistency. Safety and efficiency are monitored and there is an objective to continually improve production, product and service.

Our packaging predominantly consists of recycled materials that are easily recycled here in New Zealand. By using less harmful ingredients less PPE is required creating less waste. Reducing off-shore factors cuts down our carbon footprint. Using natural ingredients, rather than producing synthetic components, cuts down dangerous emissions.


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